Club Officers & By-Laws

Club Officers

Ed Mason – President

Randy Rollo – Vice President

Joe Petter – Secretary

George Pasti – Treasurer

Trilogy at Vistancia Roadrunners Car Club By-Laws

These by-laws have been approved by the majority of the membership of the club and are based on the Trilogy At Vistancia Community Association
Chartered Club Rules and Regulations, June 2011.

Car Club Membership Rule:

We encourage non-member residents to attend a club meeting as “club hospitality.”  If a non-member resident wishes to participate in an event (other than the annual car show) as “club hospitality,” there will be a charge of $10 per person to participate.  An event waiver must also be signed by each participant.

The participation charge can be applied in full to club membership.

Trilogy  rule: “5.A. Membership 1.
Before joining a club, Trilogy at Vistancia residents…are encouraged to visit with chartered clubs a limited number of times.  Once club hospitality has been enjoyed and club operations and programs have been explained and understood, clubs may quire regular membership for continued participation in their activities.”

Car Club Resident Guests Rule:
After a resident guest has enjoyed “club hospitality” at either a club meeting or event, they will be required to join the club in order to continue participating in the club’s activities.

Car Club Nonresident Guests Rule:
Nonresident guests may participate in Roadrunner club events if accompanied by the Resident member. There will be no charge other than any expense also paid by members. An event waiver must also be signed by each nonresident guest participant.

Trilogy rule: “5.B.  Guests
1. Resident Guests – A resident guest of Trilogy, who has not yet formally joined a respective club, but is qualified to do so.  After a Resident Guest has accepted club hospitality as defined in the individual club’s guest policy, they will be required to join the club in order to continue participating in the club’s

Trilogy rule: “5.B.  Guests
2. Nonresident Guest – Nonresident guests are not authorized to join a chartered club. 
Wherever practical, clubs will extend program hospitality to authorized non-resident guests, if accompanied by the Resident member.

a. Household Guests – Household guests are those individual or family members who temporarily reside with a resident during a specific period of time.
b. TVACA Guest – TVACA guests are those individuals who temporarily reside with a Trilogy resident and are occasionally invited to participate in chartered club programs by a chartered club member.  This does not include guests who are invited by a member on a regular basis to participate in a specific club activity.  It is the responsibility of chartered clubs and their members to see that such invitations are not abused.”

Car Club Posting of Bylaws and Written Operating :
Any bylaws or written operating rules will be posted on the club website.

Trilogy rule: “6.D. Posting of Bylaws and Written Operating Rules – Bylaws must be in a conspicuous location for member and guest convenience.  Operating rules as applicable) will also be conspicuously posted.”

Car Club Income for Operating Expenses Rule:
Annual dues will be charged to all members.  The dues will be established by the club officers before the January membership meeting. The annual dues will be set to generate enough income to offset expected expenses during the year.

In addition to annual dues, each new member will be required to purchase a club nametag at the then-current price.

Trilogy rule: “6.K. Operating Expenses – Clubs are expected to generate enough income to offset any expenses such as printing of flyers, purchase of supplies, etc.”

Car Club Non-Payment of Club Dues Rule:
Annual dues will be charged to all members.  We wish to retain members who want to participate, and recognize that many members are not in Trilogy on a year-round  basis.

Failure to pay Club dues after two personal email messages from the treasurer over a two month period shall result in the member(s) no longer receiving Club correspondence and not being allowed to participate in Club runs and events until dues are paid.  Any Club member shall have his/her membership reinstated upon payment of  delinquent dues.

Trilogy rule: “14.C. Non-Payment of Club Dues or Other Monetary Compensation:
Failure to pay Club dues shall be handled in the manner prescribed by each Club  and may include automatic revocation of the Club member’s membership without further notice; provided, however, that the Club member shall have his/her membership reinstated upon payment of delinquent dues.”